Elementary Needs

Due to overcrowding, our schools are facing multiple issues that affect growth and learning for our students.

  • Each elementary school is lacking intervention and small group spaces.

  • Brown Elementary and Marshall Elementary have reached 90% capacity, and Countryside Elementary is 95% full.

  • Marshall and Countryside Elementary are both designed to hold four sections at each grade level, and they have both been retrofitted to hold five sections.

  • The Nickels 5/6 building is currently 94% full and in need of more classroom space. 


This proposal includes the addition of a new 5/6 building and a renovation of the current Nickels 5/6 building to become a K-4 building, which would provide adequate space for future enrollment. 


To transform Nickels into an elementary school, the building would need to undergo a renovation. The spaces that have recently been renovated at Nickels would not be changed. Small classrooms would be made bigger, and classrooms with no windows in the middle of the building would turn into a centralized media center. Small group rooms and learning commons would be added to create successful learning spaces, geared toward supporting our young learners.


Image below: Conceptual Rendering of Nickels Elementary   

New 5/6 Building

A new 5/6 building near West Middle School would hold 850 students with room for future growth. The new building would have innovative classroom spaces, state-of-the-art science lab and STEM classrooms, breakout spaces for individualized learning, full-size gym, choir, band, and art spaces. 

In addition to building a 21st-century learning space, there would also be a focus on the safety and security of the students with secure vestibules, access control, and surveillance cameras.

(Conceptual images below, left to right: Secure Vestibule, Innovative Classroom Space, STEM Classroom)

Technology Needs

Technology is used to support education and the development of our students. The 2020 bond initiative would allow the district to replace core infrastructure items that help keep the schools running smoothly and provide students and teachers with devices that are pertinent to student learning.

  • Phone system

  • Networking

  • Data centers

  • Security components

  • Audio/video upgrades to meet today’s standards

  • Reliable and relevant student and teacher devices 

Safety + Security 

The bond plans include safety and security projects:

  • Enhancing district and building communication systems

  • Building security cameras 

  • Replacing aging cameras

  • Upgrading security system infrastructure 

  • Entrances and signage throughout the district to improve student and traffic flow

Van Singel

The bond plans include:

  • New lighting system

  • New video system

  • New sound system

  • Additional microphones 

  • Replacement of display cases

  • Replacement of heat registers

  • New flooring in public gallery/lobby

  • Replacement of the box office window


For many of these items, this is the first time they will be updated since their installation in 1998.



With the projected growth in Byron Center, new bus runs will be needed over the next five years. The estimated total ridership will go from 2,459 students in 2020, to 2,837 students in 2025. Aging 65-passenger buses would be replaced with 77-passenger buses to further accommodate growth.



Additional infrastructure improvements include: 

  • Improvements to the cafeteria and media center at West Middle School

  • Minor renovation to the district administration and training buildings

  • Possible land purchase for future growth  


Minor improvements to the track and field facility include: 

  • The pole vault and long jump venues would be moved and upgraded to meet competition standards 

  • The gyms at the high school would get new LED scoreboards to replace the aging and outdated scoreboards


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