Frequently Asked Questions

How much planning has gone into this proposal? 
This process began 18 months ago with parent and community surveys. Meetings have been held with staff and community members to discuss facility needs, and three community forums were held to discuss a variety of options. Based on the feedback, the plans have been modified and changed to reflect the input received. Public input has been a major component of this process and has directly resulted in this proposal. 

How would this bond proposal affect the average homeowner? 
The proposal would not increase the current annual school millage of 7 mills. The number of years for the millage extension is contingent on future District Taxable Value growth.

Why is it necessary to pass a bond to fund these projects? 
‍School bond proposals allow school districts to tackle large projects that would otherwise not be obtainable. A bond functions much like a loan. The community votes to approve the bond that is then paid for over time through tax dollars. In May of 2020, Byron Center Public Schools would be able to secure funding for these projects without raising the current tax rate for our community.

Is our school district projected to grow? 
Yes. According to the enrollment projections provided by Stanfred Associates, there will be near 15% growth in our K-12 population over the next five years. Currently, Brown and Marshall Elementary both have 555 students and Countryside Elementary has 585 students. Each elementary school has the capacity for 616 students. Similarly, Nickels holds 655 students, with a capacity for 700 students. With our current enrollment projections, Nickels and Countryside will be at capacity in three years and Marshall and Brown will be full in five years. 

How will students be kept safe during remodeling? 
If the bond proposal passes, students will be completely isolated from construction activity. The new 5/6 building would be built first so Nickels’ current students would move into the new building once it is completed. Then, renovations would occur at Nickels to prepare the building for K-4 students. Renovations at Marshall, Brown, and Countryside Elementaries and West Middle School would occur primarily during the summer months when the buildings are not occupied. 

How soon would these projects be completed? 
Some purchases, such as buses and technology, would begin immediately. The new 5/6 building would be completed by 2023. The renovations to Nickel would begin once the new building is finished, and would be completed by summer 2024. The renovations to Marshall, Brown, Countryside, and West Middle School would be completed in the summer months over the next few years.  

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